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Frankfurt's Von Bethmann Park is a small idyllic refuge; hidden away behind thick stone walls, in the middle of a busy section of the city populated with hotels and restaurants. The Park is known for its brightly, colorful flower beds calling to visitors to take a leisurely stroll, or a quiet break from the noise and clamor of the city. Frankfurt is known for its secluded, walled gardens and the Von Bethmann Park is a perfect gem of a quiet outdoor space.

The Park's History

Moritz von Bethmann, a well-known wealthy banker of Frankfurt, originally owned Von Bethmann Park. The Nazi government confiscated the Bethmann family's park property in 1941, which was a frequent occurrence during that time in Germany's history. Some years later, members of the Bethmann family allowed the parklands to remain the property of the City of Frankfurt to be used as a public park.

Features of the Park

Von Bethmann Park, besides having beautifully landscaped paths and stunningly vibrant flowers during the warmer months, boasts an authentic Chinese garden, created from plants and materials imported from China. The garden was designed and laid out according to the principles of feng-shui, to impart peace and harmony. The Chinese garden was built as a memorial to the victims that lost their lives at Tiananmen Square. The Chinese garden also has a pagoda and temple that attracts visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Shinto style landscaping.

This park also is known for its giant sized chessboard that is popular with the older men of Frankfurt. This perfect spot of urban space, known for its tranquil beauty, with a "secret garden like" quality is free to the public and is open from the early mornings to nightfall.

Where is Von Bethmann Park: Bordered between Berger Strasse, Friedberger Landstrasse and Mauernweg

How to get to Von Bethmann Park: By U-Bahn – U4 to Merianplatz station

Bethmann Park Frankfurt

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