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Römerberg square is one of the oldest and most historic sections of Frankfurt am Main, featuring Roman bath ruins and gabled, gothic row houses. This historic square is home to the Frankfurt City Hall complex referred to as the Romer, which received its name back in the fourteenth century from "Zum Romer", literally translating as "to the Roman" denoting its long history as the site of the coronation of Holy Roman Emperors.

The Römer city hall complex is constructed from three gothic buildings with ornate gables and triangular roofs, fashioned from red sandstone, which were originally built in the fourteenth century, and used for city business and trade exhibitions since the sixteenth century, including the book fairs. The famed Christmas Market has continued as an ongoing event since the fourteenth century, in Romerberg square and the Römer complex.

Most of Romerberg square and the Römer buildings were destroyed during World War II, but were soon reconstructed with what remained. Two halls below ground level, the Römerhalle and Schwanenhalle, survived intact from the bombings; now at six hundred years old are tourist attractions and used for private and public events.

The actual Römer building is situated in the center of the complex and contains the famous Kaisersaal, known as the Emperor's Hall where magnificent coronation feasts were held, and hosted visits by Napoleon, Russian Czars, and other royals. Today, the walls of the Kaisersaal are lined with imposing, nineteenth century paintings of all 52 of the ruling emperors from the eighth to the nineteenth century of German political history. The ancient Fountain of Justice constructed in the sixteenth century, overlooking the Römer complex, supposedly flowed with wine during the many coronation ceremonies held in the historic square throughout the centuries.
Romerberg Frankfurt
Where is Römer: Römerberg

How to get to Römer: By U-Bahn – U4,U5 to Dom/Römer station

Romer Frankfurt
Romerberg Justitia Frankfurt
Römerberg, Justitia Statue, Frankfurt

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