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Frankfurt am Main's Hauptwache Plaza is at the heart of the city center, a major stop for many of the major subway lines, and the start of the pedestrian walkway of the Zeil shopping district. The thousands of Frankfurters and visitors arriving at this busy plaza everyday, stop to admire the imposing, baroque Hausptwache structure that dominates this plaza, with its triangular three chimneyed roof and red sandstone exterior. The Hausptwache building was said to be a particular favorite of Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

History of the Hauptwache

The Hauptwache building was originally built in 1729 intended for use as a prison and defense center. It was built by German, master builder, Johann Samhaimer with a hipped, gothic style roof. It has an exciting history as the site of the 1833 Frankfurter Wachensturm, an unsuccessful raid by student activists to free political prisoners that resulted in the death of several soldiers. With the potential revolutionary uprising foiled, the Hauptwache became a simple police station until it was transformed into a cafe in the early 1900s, and remains so today.

The Hauptwache was heavily bombed during World War II, and was restored in the early fifties with a simpler design style, that was later dismantled in the sixties and rebuilt over the new subway line. Today, the Hauptwache serves light casual meals to commuters and hungry shoppers looking for refreshment in an historic setting. A wall of oval windows overlooks the outdoors seating area, lending an old world European ambiance to the dining experience. The old world charm of the Hauptwache stands alone however; a sea of modern conveniences surrounding it, with steel and glass skyscrapers dwarfing the historical structure preserved as a small, but important monument to the past.

How to get to Hauptwache Plaza: By U-Bahn and S-Bahn to Hauptwache station

Hauptwache Plaza Frankfurt

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