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The Palmengarten and the Gruneburgpark are two of Frankfurt's largest, and most popular, open city spaces. The Palmengarten began as a botanical garden in 1869 by a group of enterprising local citizens, to house an exotic plant collection formerly owned by the Duke of Nassau. Now, a breathtaking 50 acres of magnificent manicured parklands, with one of the largest glass greenhouses in the world filled with tropical and subtropical species. The Gruneburgpark is adjacent to the Palmengarten, featuring 72 acres of lovely open space popular with joggers and families.

The Palmengarten: A City Oasis

The Palmengarten is a walled oasis of water fountains, glass greenhouses filled with blooms, palms and tropical plants in diverse habitats of the world. There is also to be found a garden of blue flowers, a cacti garden, rose garden, water lilies and an oriental garden. A quaint miniature train provides rides for children, and rowboats are available to rent to glide along the pond on a summer's day.

Various flower shows are held throughout the year, with summer concerts and dancing in the evenings by the Palmengarten's bandstand. Miles of paved walkways, colorful gardens and quiet spots to relax and enjoy the tranquil setting; the Palmengarten is certainly worth a visit.

Grüneburgpark: The Second Largest Park in Frankfurt

The Gruneburgpark is a large open space close to two universities that makes it popular for jogging, rollerblading, general picnicking and enjoyment of the ancient trees and gardens. Peter Heinrich von Bethmann, a wealthy banker, first designed the Gruneburgpark in 1789, where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was reportedly a frequent guest. The Rothschild family purchased the property in 1837 and hired German botanist, Heinrich Siesmayer, who also designed the Palmengarten, to complete the design of the park. Albert von Goldschmidt-Rothschild transferred ownership of the park to the City of Frankfurt in 1940, during the rise of the Nazi government. A lovely Korean garden was recently installed, with a reflecting pool and Asian pavilion.

Where is Palmengarten and Grüneburgpark: Palmengartenstraße; Siesmayerstraße divides the two parks

How to get to Palmengarten and Grüneburgpark: By U-Bahn – U6,U7 to Bockenheimer Warte station

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