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The Paulskirche, (St. Paul's Church) building sits in the historic Frankfurt square of Paulsplatz, with a flowing fountain, Baroque style German buildings and a busy subway line. The original, neo-classical, circular structure was intended as a Protestant Church, built during the years from 1790 to 1833, with a building delay caused by the war with France at the time. Destroyed during World War II, the Paulskirche was restored as a monument to its place in history as the meeting place for the first gathering of the German National Assembly in 1848, where a constitution was created for a united Germany.

Although the original plan for a unified Germany failed due to the refusal of Austria and Prussia to participate, the Paulskirche has remained a symbol as the birthplace of German democracy. After the loss of life and tragedies from the aftermath of World War II, the citizens of Frankfurt sought to re-build the Church as quickly as they could, as a monument to peace and democracy. The restoration process duplicated the general exterior and design of the original eighteenth century building, but constructed the interior in a sparse, modern design, serving as a shell of its former, stately splendor.

Freely quoting Goethe, former American President, John F. Kennedy, delivered an historic speech to assembled German leaders at the Paulskirche in 1963, speaking of, "A New Social Order", with the establishment of Nato, the post war, Marshall Plan and the creation of the Atlantic Community for peace and prosperity throughout Europe and the United States. Today, the Paulskirche remains a tourist attraction, and is used for public ceremonies such as the German Book Fair Peace Prize and the Goethe Award.

Where is Paulskirche: Paulsplatz

How to get to Paulskirche: By U-Bahn – U4,U5 to Romer/Paulskirche station

Paulskirche Frankfurt

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