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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was the ultimate Renaissance man, well versed in literature, poetry, art, science, theology and humanism. Goethe's writings, his life, his images, are enmeshed into the very fabric of Frankfurt's identity and history. It seems everywhere you turn in Frankfurt am Main, you are reminded of Goethe and his place in Frankfurt's history, from his statue perched atop the Alte Oper house, street names, Goethestrasse, an exclusive shopping avenue, to the childhood home of Goethe, Goethe-Haus, which is a major tourist attraction in Frankfurt.

The Goeth-Haus depicts Goethe's early years in a well to do, baroque style family home, where he lived with his parents and sister. The original home was destroyed during the bombing of World War II, but was soon restored in stunning detail, depicting the every day lives of Goethe and his family encompassing three floors, complete with period furnishings, decor and some original possessions of Goethe and his family. Adjacent to the Goethe-Haus is a museum displaying thousands of books, manuscripts and paintings depicting the course of Goethe's literary journeys and his love of art.

Goethe's life spanned the years from 1749 to 1832, during which he wrote numerous poems, works of fiction and plays including the works he is most famous for, "Faust" and "The Sorrows of Young Werther". The original desk where Goethe penned those works and many others is displayed on the third floor of the Goeth-Haus, the walls lined with personal drawings made by Goethe during his lifetime.

Other items of interest include the original, wooden puppet theatre that Goethe played with as a boy and used as inspiration in his work, "Wilhelm Meister's Theatrical Mission". The second floor picture gallery of the art collection of Goethe's father, Johann Casper Goethe is an impressive display of period, Dutch inspired, Frankfurt artists. Goethe's father inspired his love and appreciation of art, as Goethe so passionately stated in a verse from Faust: "What you don't feel, you will not grasp by art, Unless it wells out of your soul…"

Where is GoetheHaus: Großer Hirschgraben 23-25

How to get to GoetheHaus: By U-Bahn – U1,U2,U3,U4,U5 to Willy-Brandt-Platz station, or S-Bahn to Hauptwache station

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday - 10 AM – 6PM; Sunday – 10 AM – 5.30 PM

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GoetheHaus Frankfurt

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