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The Commerzbank-Tower stands as a shining example to the success of an ecologically designed building. The headquarters of Commerzbank in Frankfurt am Main is the second largest skyscraper in Europe at 259 meters tall that dominates the Frankfurt skyline with its futuristic steel tower. The tower was designed by British architect, Norman Foster to be energy efficient using atrium sky gardens that span the entire center of the building's interior, allowing natural light to illuminate, and naturally heat the office space. The elevators were designed on the four corners of the tower leaving room for the green gardens in the middle of the building.

The architect designed the Commerzbank-Tower with steel, instead of the expected concrete, which gives the tower its distinctive appearance in the Frankfurt skyline. When it was completed in 1997, the citizens of Frankfurt were leery at first of the circular tower of bright steel looming over the Main River. It has now become a cherished landmark of Frankfurt am Main and its image is reproduced on posters and souvenir items. The tower doesn't have an observation deck, but the foyer is open to visitors to view the magnificent atrium gardens.

The work of international artists went into the design of the Commerzbank-Tower, displaying sculptures in the building's foyer by American sculptor J. Seward Johnson. The exterior lighting of the tower was designed by famed lighting artist, Thomas Emde, with unique changing hues of gold that compliments the overall design of the building. Frankfurt is very much a post war city with all of its skyscrapers built in recent years. The Commerzbank-Tower is a symbol of the future that also compliments the remaining, old European structures that survived the War.

Where is Commerzbank-Tower: Kaiserplatz

How to get to Commerzbank-Tower: By U-Bahn – U1,U2,U3,U4,U5 to Willy Brandt Platz station

Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt

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