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Like everything else in Frankfurt, the Eschenheimer Turm presents a stark contrast to the modern, futuristic look of this post war, reconstructed city. Frankfurt am Main's only remaining watchtower from its former medieval, city walls and fortifications stands at the center of a busy, modern city intersection, complete with fast food restaurants and a nearby subway station. This 54-foot high circular stone tower, with the classic Gothic turrets, makes a perfect setting for the German fairy tale, "Rapunzel and the Witch".

Eschenheimer Turm was originally used as a gate tower, manned by early citizens of Frankfurt, vetting travelers before granting them entrance into the city walls. The French Ambassador, Graf d'Hedouville, supposedly stepped in to save the demolition of the tower, when many of the sixty towers and thick walls surrounding Frankfurt were destroyed in the early 1800s, to make way for city expansion.

The medieval tower was built by carpenter, Klaus Mengos, beginning in 1400, with master builder, Madern Gerthener completing the massive, turreted tower in 1428. A self-portrait bust of Gerthener's image is displayed on the tower's archway. Madern Gerthener was also involved in the building of the Frankfurt and Mainz Cathedrals, including many of the sculptures still to be found in Frankfurt's remaining cathedrals.

The Eschenheimer Turm is a popular tourist attraction in Frankfurt that provides visitors with an up close view of a classic example of a medieval tower with turrets. A casual bistro is located at the base of the tower, serving classic German fare, beer, kaffee and homemade kuchen. Visitors can get to the Eschenheimer Turm tower by subway or a walk from the Schillerstrasse.

Where is Eschenheimer Turm: Grosse Eschenheimer Strasse

How to get to Eschenheimer Turm: By U-Bahn – U1,U2,U3 to Eschenheimer Tor station

Eschenheimer Turm Frankfurt

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