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Covent Garden was once a covered whole sale market for fruits and vegetables. It was designed in 1833 by Charles Fowler. Since 1974 the area has been transformed and is now known as the Theatrical and Entertainment district. There are several theaters as well as the Royal Opera House. Covent Garden and the central market are very busy with tourists and street performers and musicians. A lot of shops, restaurants and pubs can be found in this traffic free area. Covent Garden and the Seven dials is very colorful and busy area. If you are a theater lover this is the place to be.

Leicester Square is situated in the entertainment district within a walking distance of Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar square and Covent Garden. Leicester Square was once a great place to live. The Leicester House which doesnít exist now had occupants like Isaac Newton, artists William Hogarth and Joshua Reynolds. In the 19-th century some of the Londonís most popular theaters were established here. "The Empire" today is a movie theater, but used to be a very well known music hall. The statue of Charlie Chaplin stands in the square. It was created by John Doubleday in 1981. Today you can buy half-priced theater tickets (ďtktsĒ) from a booth that sits in the Leicester square.

How to get to Covent Garden and Leicester Square: Subway - Piccadilly and Northern line to Covent Garden and Leicester Square station.
Covent Garden London
Covent Garden

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Leicester Square

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Tom says:
Covent Garden and Leicester Square are one of my favourite places in London. always bustling with people with hundreds of pubs, restaurants, theatres shops, everything is there. The Seven dials is also very busy with 7 avenues joining at the center of the little square. I really enjoyed the pubs. The theatres are also worth a visit. Get tickets for at least one performance!