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The British museum is located in Bloomsbury London, area that has been home to writers, artists and intellectuals and is a traditional place for book hunting.

The British Museum was founded when Sir Hans Sloane, a collector and naturalist decided to donate his collection of 71,000 objects for better preservation after his death. The Parliament decided to vote an Act to establish the British Museum on 7 June 1753 and on 15 January 1759 the British Museum opened to the public. It was housed in the Montagu House, in Bloomsbury. The building that we know today was designed by Sir Robert Smirke and the first phase was completed in 1852.

The British Museum has permanent Egyptian, Ancient Near Eastern, Greek and Roman, African, Asian and European collections as well as coins, drawings and prints. The treasures in British museum cover nearly 2 million years of history and culture displayed in 94 galleries. A visitor will be able to observe Egyptian statues from 13th century BC, 7-th century BC reliefs from King Ashurbanipalís palace, 5th century BC reliefs from the Greek Parthenon, ancient Chinese bronze, Islamic Art and African prints.

The British Museum attracts five million visitors a year and is free of charge. The British Museum celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2003.

Where is British Museum: Great Russell Street WC1B 3DG

How to get to British Museum: Subway - Central line and Piccadilly line to Holborn Station, Russell Square station, Tottenham Court Road station.

Opening Hours: Daily 10.00Ė17.30

British Museum London
British Museum

British Museum Assyria
British Museum, Assyria

British Museum Assyria
British Museum, Assyria

British Museum Egypt
British Museum, Edypt

British Museum Reading Room London
British Museum, Reading Room, London

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