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Westminster Abbey has a very long history. In 1065 King Edward established a church dedicated to St. Peter to be in close proximity to the New Westminster palace. (The Houses of Parliament) In 1245 King Henry III built a new abbey, in a French Gothic style.

During the centuries Westminster Abbey was rebuild some sections and chapels were added and it went through transformations but the great thing is that it kept unity of design.

Around 3300 people were buried in the church and around 600 monuments and statues are on the grounds of the Abbey.

Some of the most known monuments are the shrine of St. Edward the Confessor and the tomb of Isaac Newton. It is also the place where royal coronations in Britain take place.

Westminster Abbey has witnessed 38 coronations to this date. The first king to be crowned in the church was William the Conqueror in 1066. The latest was that of Queen Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953.
Westminster Abbey London

Westminster Abbey London
Where is Westminster Abbey: Broad Sanctuary SW1

How to get to Westminster Abbey: Subway - Jubilee line to Westminster station.

Opening Hours: Every day except Sundays

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