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PATH is Toronto’s downtown walkway and links underground pedestrian zones with shops, restaurants and subway. The PATH is the largest underground shopping complex of its kind with 27 kilometers of retail space.

The PATH is an escape from the harsh Toronto winter and from the humid summer heat and you can practically reach any downtown destination following. PATH connects more than 50 buildings, 5 subway stations, 20 parking garages, two department stores, six hotels, and Union Station. It also links major tourist attractions like CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Rogers Centre, City Hall, Roy Thomson Hall, Air Canada Centre and Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts.

It all started in 1900 when Timoty Eaton decided to join his stores by tunnel and by 1917 four more tunnels were built in the downtown core. In 1927 when Union Station was opened, an underground tunnel was built to connect the station with Royal York Hotel. PATH began to grow in the 1970s when a tunnel connecting the Richmond-Adelaide and Sheraton Centres was built and by the end of the 1980s, the city of Toronto assumed management of it.

The different colors of the logo represent the different directions – P is red and refers to south, A is orange and points to west, T is blue and directs to North and H is yellow and refers to East.
PATH Toronto

PATH Toronto

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User Comments about PATH

Joanna says:
Is there a list of stores in the PATH?

Denise says:
The PATH is really very very convenient especially in a cold weather. We went to "The Nutcracker" and we got straight from the subway to the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts. It's amazing!