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CN Tower (Canada National Tower) is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Toronto. CN Tower is visited by 2 million people every year. Built in 1976 the tallest building on the planet is a source of pride to all Canadians. The CN Tower was build for more practical reason - the expanding of downtown and the building of skyscrapers started to cause telecommunication problems. The CN tower solved these problems. It is soaring 553 meters (1815 feet) in the sky and has 2 observation decks, 360 rotating restaurant, the Horizons Café and probably the most important of all, the Glass Floor. The Glass floor was specially designed and you will have the most bizarre experience if you dare to step on it. The world will be literary at your feet! The glass is replaced every year and is very safe. Nobody has ever fallen down. It has been said that 14 hippos can sit on it and it will not break, so don’t worry about it. It is located on the lower observation deck at 1,122 feet.

The Look out is located on the lower observation deck at 346m (1,136 feet) and one of the 6 high speed elevators takes you there for only 58 seconds.

The Sky Pod is the smaller observatory located at 447 meters (1465 feet) and is the World's highest man-made observatory. The view from there is magnificent (on a clear day you can see Niagara Falls). On a windy day you can experience a movement because the tower was designed to be flexible and wind resistant.

The 360 Restaurant makes one full rotation for 72 minutes. I recommend visiting the restaurant in the evening. The view is spectacular.

Every year in October an Annual stair climb in support of the United Way is conducted. The participants climb 1776 steps to the top of CN Tower.

Where is CN Tower: Downtown Toronto between Rogers centre and Metro Toronto Convention Centre

How to get to CN Tower: Subway Yonge-University-Spadina to Union Station

Opening Hours: Daily form 9am -10 pm, Friday and Saturday from 9am - 10.30 pm

Visit the CN Tower official web site here.
CN Tower TorontoCN Tower Toronto
CN Tower Toronto- the glass floor can be seen

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User Comments about CN Tower Toronto

fanny says:
We visited CN tower on our trip to Toronto. It is very thrilling to climb the world's tallest building. I highly recommend to go to the second observation deck. It is 447 meters above the ground!!! The view is spectacular. There was a long line going down. Depends on when you visit the tower. During the summer months the wait is longer.

Peter says:
CN Tower is a truly spectacular attraction and is a must see if you visit Toronto.

kurtis pushie says:
the cn tower is the best ;)

adrin says:
CN tower is beautiful

sarah says:
it is freaky when you look upon the glass floor it holds 14 hippos

bruna says:
my dad is from Canada (Toronto,ontario)and every year we see CN Tower and it is the coolest thing ever its beautiful and you can see the the city from there!!! PLZ PEOPLE GO TO CANADA AND HAVE FUN!!!! KISSES YOUR TRULY FRIEND BRUNA

gaston says:
i been up the cn tower in 1986,a memory i will never forget and proud of it,im from new brunswick canada

Sarah says:
Ilove the CN Tower!

ethan says:
cn tower is the best