Toronto Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

Because of the vitality and strength of its numerous communities, Toronto is known as the city of neighborhoods. There are some 240 neighborhoods in the city, with suburbs like North York, Scarborough, and Etobicoke being suburban in nature. The neighborhoods comprising Old Toronto can be subdivided into four sections Downtown Core, West End, North End, and East End.

One of the most notable Toronto neighborhoods is the Annex. The average sale price of residential properties in this area is $793,471. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, dating from the mid-19th century. At first, it was the trendiest place to be. Later it became more casual and less exclusive. The neighborhood has a lot of bookshops, cheap restaurants, theaters and entertainment venues. A lot of students live here too. Most of the houses are over a century old with at least four bedrooms and cost at least a million dollars. A three-bedroom semi-detached home in the area of Seaton Village can fetch at least $500,000.

The average sale price in Moss Park is $357,347. Unfortunately, this area has a high crime rate. On the upside, it offers beautiful, lush green surroundings, the charming Allan Gardens among them. The more elite parts of this neighborhood are Berkeley Street and the areas around Enoch Turner Schoolhouse, George Brown College, and Inglenook High. The property market is large and varied, with small townhouses, condos, lofts, and large apartment buildings. The high crime rate is the main reason prices are so low in fact, they are among the lowest in the city.

If you prefer to live in an ethnically diverse neighborhood, you can look for Toronto properties and Toronto rentals in China town. This is an ethnic enclave with a concentration of Chinese residents, found in Downtown Toronto. Businesses extend along Spadina Avenue and Dundas Street West. And if you are looking for Toronto rentals in this neighborhood, you can choose from a variety of offers. The rent can reach $3,250 a month for a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment. For $1,600 a month, you will get a studio with one bathroom, kitchen ready and fully furnished. For $3,000 or so a month, you can get a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment, which is fully furnished. Not all properties are offered for holiday rental.

Don Mills is a cozy, calm and comfortable neighborhood in Toronto. The average property price here is around $588,206. Don Mills has long, winding streets lined with houses that date from the mid-20th century. There are also a lot of massive mansions that are very modern. A good deal would be a townhouse in the southwest of the neighborhood. Visitors who look for Toronto hotels nearby will find hotels such as Toronto Don Valley and Suites (just 1.5 miles to Don Mills), Western Prince Toronto (1.3 miles), and others.

The neighborhoods of North York, Davisville Park, Lawrence Park, Forest Hill are decidedly more hip and prestigious. The average sale price here is around $649,787. The crime rate is very low. The district features idyllic parks with over 500 tree species, good public and private schools, and some prime real estate. Among the last, good options include two-storey semi-detached homes (around $700,000 on average), detached brick homes that are almost a century old (a little under $2 million), and townhouses. All of these feature three to four bedrooms, bathrooms, and pleasant gardens. The cheapest offers are for condos you can get a two-bedroom one for $500,000 in the areas of Eglinton or Bayview. This neighborhood is excellent for young families because it is well-connected to all parts of the city.