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The Olympic Park was designed for 1976 Summer Olympic Games. The stadium was designed by Roger Taillibert, an architect from Paris. The stadium is huge and can seat 56,000 people. One of the main attractions at the Olympic Park is the Montreal Tower or the Olympic Tower. This unique leaning tower is 175 m (575 ft) high and the cable car takes you to the observation deck. It offers spectacular views of the city.

The Montreal Tower opened to the public in 1987 and since then 4 million people have visited it. The tallest inclined tower in the world is situated on the main stadium. This landmark tower stands at 575 ft, allowing visitors to enjoy a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings. Visitors can access the observation floors of the tower via a funicular-type elevator. Another unique attraction in the complex is the Biodome. The Biodome replicates four ecosystems - The Rainforest climate, The Polar climate, the St. Lawrence ecosystem and the Laurentian Mountains climate. The Biodome is a one of its kind environmental museum.

Places of interest close to Olympic Park include Pierre Charbonneau Centre, Maurice Richard Arena, Saputo Stadium, and others. Across Rue Sherbrooke and adjacent to Olympic Park are the Montreal Insectarium and Montreal Botanical Garden. Named after Maurice Richard, a Canadian ice hockey player, this site is a multi-purpose arena with 4,750 seats. A number of major special and sporting events take place here. It is a small and circular building of white and yellow concrete, and there are doors on each side. In front of the building sits a statue of the hockey star. Another sports arena is Pierre Charbonneau Centre, holding 2,700 people. It was the host to the Premier Basketball League’s Montreal Sasquatch, the Montreal Royal, and other events. The center hosts exhibitions and conventions, and various courses are given here in areas like languages, gymnastics, music, and martial arts. One soccer stadium and the present home to Montreal Impact is the Saputo Stadium. This stadium is planned as a site to host various soccer events and home games, including international, national, provincial, and regional matches. The stadium boasts a unique setting, significant legacy, and accessibility, transforming fans’ experience during matches.

The Montreal Insectarium is located close to Olympic Park and features a variety of insects from all over the globe. It is the largest insectarium in Canada and among the largest globally. Some 400,000 tourists visit the museum each year. The insectarium features displays of bees, ants, butterflies, and other dead and live insect collections. The exhibition We Are All Insects introduces visitors to the fascinating and little-known world of insects, with their surprising behaviors and adaptations. Visitors learn how the many colors and shapes of insects allow them to hide, eat, find a mate, and defend themselves. Visitors also learn about the many roles insects play. They are important for the survival of humankind, contributing to the health of environment. Visitors of the exhibition can see twinkling fireflies, giant scarab beetles, living in the tropical forest, and even enjoy an insect symphony.

Olympic Park Montreal
Where is the Olympic Park: 3200 Viau St.

How to get to the Olympic Park: Subway Blue line to Viau station

Opening Hours: June to September open daily from 9AM to 8PM; October to May open daily from 9AM to 5PM

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