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The artificial island Ile Notre-Dame is located in the Saint Lawrence River. The island is part of the city of Montreal. It was built over the relatively short period of ten months from fifteen million tons of rock, which was dug out in the course of construction of the Montreal Metro in 1965. The island was created to celebrate the country’s centennial, an event better known as Expo 67. It is part of the Hochelaga Archipelago and lies west of the Saint Lawrence Seaway and east of Île Sainte-Hélène. It forms Jean-Drapeau Park, one of the largest parks in the city, together with Île Sainte-Hélène. Southwest of Ile Notre-Dame is a structure separating the Lachine Rapids and the river from the Seaway's Canal de la Rive-Sud.

In 1975, the Expo 67 pavilions were torn down and replaced by a rowing and canoeing lake for the Summer Olympics, which the city hosted in 1976. Today, this lake remains the largest artificial rowing basin on the entire continent. The pavilions of Quebec and France were redecorated and transformed into the Montreal Casino, which is owned and managed by the government of Quebec. The casino offers poker and table games, slot machines, and more, hosting a variety of events, among which the Gala du Million Winner and the Grand Loto-Quebec Poker Tournament. Admission is restricted to persons 18 years of age and older. The former pavilion of Canada now houses the administration of Jean-Drapeau Park, a municipal body.

The lake on the westernmost corner of the island has a beach, which hosts volleyball tournaments all summer long. You can also swim and rent water craft here in summer. One thing that is striking about the island is that it does not look fake at all. This is because the city has made it more and more beautiful over the years by cultivating trees and plants here.

This multi-recreational site offers a variety of activities, including bird watching, in-line skating, snowshoeing, hiking, nature walks, and much more. There is a boat ramp, a bicycle path, and a restaurant on site. Listed in the cultural heritage register of the City of Montreal, the Stewart Museum showcases a valuable collection of items recalling the influence and presence of European civilizations on the North American continent. The Stewart Museum is housed in a British fort from the 19th century.

The island hosted a horticultural exhibition in 1980. This event was called the Floralies Internationales. It was also a competition featuring plant masterpieces from all over the world. At this time, it became even greener and more beautiful. Today, the island is accessible from spring to fall. The gardens landscaped then still exist and cover an area in excess of 25 hectares. Some of the plants that grow here are unique to the island – they do not grow anywhere else in Montreal. This is because the lagoons, which can be seen all over the island, create a specific micro-climate, which allows these plants to grow.

In 1986, the park hosted the ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships. Another attraction on the island is the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, where the F1 race of the Canadian Grand Prix takes place every year. The circuit also hosts the NASCAR Busch series in the summer.

Casino Montreal

Where is Casino Montreal: 1 Avenue du Casino, Ile Notre-Dame

How to get to Ile Notre-Dame: Subway Yellow line to Jean-Drapeau station

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