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Biosphere is an architectural masterpiece and a museum of environmental issues, located in Montreal, Canada. It is also the symbol of Expo 67. The museum features interactive exhibitions, which have the purpose to enhance the knowledge of important environmental issues. Visitors are welcome to take part in animated activities and special events, which take place all year round, and learn more about environmental protection.

Architect Richard Buckminster Fuller was responsible for the creation of the geodesic dome. This gigantic steel framed dome is 61 m (200ft) high and is 76m (250ft) in diameter. The building was originally an enclosed structure made of steel. The internal temperature was controlled by a system of shades. The interior exhibition space was designed by architects from Golden Metak Productions. There was a 37-meter escalator inside the building, which was the longest escalator created at the time. The theme platforms were accessible to visitors and were divided into 7 levels. After the Expo the US donated the dome to the city of Montreal. The acrylic bubble of the building was destroyed in fire during structural renovations in 1976. The truss structure survived, but the building remained closed for 14 years. The site was purchased by Environment Canada in 1990 and turned into an interactive museum dedicated to studying the water eco system in the great lakes and St. Lawrence River.

Today, the museum features several temporary and permanent exhibitions. One notable exhibit is ONE, or Outfits from a New Era. It features 16 outfits that are made from mass products. These include electronic waste products, car parts, batteries, and other by-products of civilization. The exhibit also includes art videos and popular Canadian music.

Woodland Escapes is a temporary exhibit that is currently on at the Biosphere museum. It is part of the International Year of Forests. It is held outdoors and is a tribute to forests worldwide and their amazing beauty. Basically, it features giant photos of these amazing habitats.

U-TURN takes place every summer. It is dedicated to sustainable and ecological means of transportation.

Permanent exhibitions at Biosphere include the so-called + 1°C, Finding Balance, the Ecological Solar House, Water Wonders and Planet Bucky. Plus one degrees is a new exhibit aimed at finding scientific approaches to several common questions about the very important issue of climate change. Among its important aspects are an interactive globe and a short film about the importance of temperature changes, even such minute ones, like those of one degree.

Finding Balance is a permanent exhibition showcasing 10 examples of the effect of our consumer choices on the environment. Among these are degradation of aquifers, loss of wildlife habitat, brown clouds, and export of pollution. Others include fire, ice and arctic wildlife, greener consumption, and expansion at the expense of other peoples. The exhibition also shows the effect of the sale of electronic waste and the overabundance of plastic.

The Ecological Solar House lies just a few feet away from the museum. It is always open. The guided tour of the house provides visitors with more information and tips on healthy living – what construction materials to use, the important technological improvements in this field, and more. You will learn ways of living “green” and about simple, low-cost, and accessible solutions to achieve better quality of your environment.

Water Wonders is not just an exhibit – it features interactive modules and fun games for children and adults alike. You can make experiments, take on challenges like generating energy or building a ship, and many, many more.

Biosphere Montreal

Where is the Biosphere: 160 Rue Tour de l'Isle, Ile St.-Hélène

How to get to the Biosphere: Subway Yellow line to Jean-Drapeau station

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