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Olympiapark or Olympic Park in Munich, Bavaria was built for the 20th Summer Olympic Games in 1972. The parkland is situated in an area called Oberwiesenfeld. Today, this landmark of the city still serves as a venue for many different events. The place is currently managed by the Olympiapark Munchen GmbH, a state-owned company in Munich.

When plans for the park were prepared, it was designed to last for many years, even after the end of the Olympic Games. Unlike Olympic venues in other parts of the globe, Olympiapark still remains a major tourist attraction of its host city.

Olympic Park
In the park, visitors can find an indoor pool, an ice rink, residential areas, and the Olympic Stadium that was the home of FC Bayern Munchen (the local soccer team) before it moved to the Allianz arena in 2006. The stadium has seats for 80,000 spectators, with Olympic hall taking up to 14,000 people. Visitors enjoy a good climb to the roof which covers the stadium. However, it is only for adventurous people who dare try the experience.

The site of the Olympic Games was built by Gunther Behmisch, Frei Otto & Partners, making it world famous with the construction of a futuristic-looking tent-like roof. PVC-coated polyester fiber is used for the building of the roof. The site comprises of the stadium, Olympiahall, and a swimming pool.

Olympic Park covers an area of 3 square kilometers, and the huge parkland blends perfectly with the cityscape. The place can be reached by U-bahn, an underground transit railway.

In 1925, the terrain of the park was used by the Bayern army. After the end of the Second World War, rubble was transported from the city to the site and was used to shape the landscape of the future park.

Situated in the parkland, Olympiaturm is an observation platform used to take a bird’s view of the whole area. The 290-meter television tower houses a rock and roll museum and a revolving restaurant that can seat 230 people. A full revolution of 53 minutes allows customers to take a good look of the 1972 Olympic site.

Alternatively, visitors of the city can view the site from the Olympiaberg, a 60-meter high hill in Olympiapark which can be reached on foot.

Olympiapark Munich

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