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The United States’ presidential residence, easily recognized by its white, neo-classical, colonnades, and porticos, was initially, named, The President’s Palace, or Executive Mansion, but was later renamed the White House, to reflect its long standing nickname, due to its whitewashed exterior. American presidents have lived in the White House since 1800, beginning with President John Adams, with a short hiatus during reconstruction, after the British attacked Washington, in 1814, destroying the White House and other governmental buildings.

Irish born, architect, James Hoban designed the White House in 1792, as the winner of a design competition for the new presidential mansion. Hoban also re-constructed the White House after the British attack. Like any other family home, the White House has been the location over the years, for presidential, family celebrations, weddings and times of mourning and sorrow. Grover Cleveland remains the only president to date, to have been married in the White House, and his daughter, Esther Cleveland, the only child of a president, born in the White House. President Ford’s daughter hosted her senior prom in the White House.

The White House has undergone many changes over the years, to update and modernize, refurbish, and enlarge the actual structure with additional living and working space. The most recognized editions are the East and West Wings. The West Wing contains the famous Oval Office, where photos of American presidents are frequently taken, sitting at the antique “Resolute” desk constructed from timbers of a British ship, that was found and returned to the British government in the 1800s.

The lovely East Wing features the East Colonnade, the well-known Rose Garden and the presidential theatre room, added by Theodore Roosevelt, where many presidents and their families have enjoyed watching, popular films of the day. Other White House rooms of note are the, East Room, Blue Room, Green Room and Red room, which comprise some of the 132 rooms making up the White House. Slain Presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln lay in repose in the East Room of the White House.

Where is the White House: 1600 Pennsylvania Av., NW
How to get to the White House: Subway to Federal Triangle (blue and orange lines), Metro Center (blue, orange, and red lines) and McPherson Square (blue and orange lines).
For information on tours visit the White House official web site

The White House Washington
The White House Washington

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