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During the heyday of train travel, Washington, DCís Union Station was the largest, and busiest train station, in the United States, and perhaps, the world, that covered over 200 acres with its terminal and train tracks. Designed by architect, Daniel Burnham, in a classic, Beaux-Arts style, Union Station was completed in 1908, using elegant, white granite and gold leaf on the 96-foot, vaulted ceilings. For many years, Union Station served as the main transportation center of the Nationís capital that even, had a luxurious, presidential suite, last used by President Bush in 1989.

Over the years, starting in the early 60s, as travelers took to the skies, and traveled infrequently by train, Union Station, suffered from disrepair, and eventually closed for a time in the late 1970s. Re-opened in 1988, benefiting from an expansive restoration, that cost millions of dollars, Union Station today serves as a major retail and entertainment complex, as well as an Amtrak train station much like the Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Shopping, Restaurants, and a Movie Theatre - Since the re-opening in 1988, Union Station has developed into a popular site for shopping, and dining; also offering a multi-screen, movie theatre, for visitors to enjoy. The retail stores run the gamut from the usual chain retailers, such as Victoriaís Secret, Ann Taylor and Express, to a few boutiques and shops offering upscale goods. There is a huge food court offering hamburgers, pizza and gourmet coffee, as well as full service restaurants serving casual, American style meals.

Union Station is certainly worth a visit to view the restored, Beaux-Arts building, to engage in a little retail therapy and enjoy a casual meal in a vibrant, historic setting. Special tours can be arranged to learn more about the history, and architecture of Union Station.
Union Station Washington
Where is Union Station: 50 Massachusetts Av., NE

How to get to Union Station: Subway to Union Station on the red line

Union Station Washington

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