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San Francisco's Alamo Square is located along Hayes and Steiner Streets, at the top of a steep hill overlooking all the major landmarks of this picturesque city on the bay. This historic neighborhood district originated with the establishment of the Alamo Square Park in 1856, which led to the building of the now famous, brightly painted Victorian houses called the "Painted Ladies". These Painted Ladies, or Seven Sisters, are some of the most photographed Victorian houses in the country. One of these houses became famous when its exterior was used in the 1980s American television show, "The Full House".

The Alamo Square Park, which is comprised of about 13 acres, offers walking paths and an off-leash dog park. The Park also has magnificent views of Transamerica Buildings, the City Hall Dome and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Archbishop's Mansion and the Westerfeld House are other historical landmarks worth visiting in this hilltop neighborhood. The historic Alamo Square area is on the itinerary of all the San Francisco tour buses and visitors "must see" lists. It is certainly worth a visit for the stunning view alone, of the San Franrisco skyline at night.
Alamo Square Painted Ladies San Francisco
Where is Alamo Square: Between Steiner, Fulton, Hayes and Scott Streets

How to get to Alamo Square: By Bus 5, 22, 21, 24

Alamo Square San Francisco
850 Steiner Street - Typical Queen Anne House

Panoramic View of Alamo Square, The Seven Sisters and The Alamo Square Park

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Diane aka Lemans says:
Been to SF many times - love Lombard Street, Sausalito, The Wharf, Tiburon Cruise, just so much to do. I'm from Michigan. Visited family so often in SF it's my second home. It always was a treat.