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Times Square is probably the best known square in the world along with Piccadilly Circus in London. New York Times have their headquarters at 1 Time square hence the name of the square.

New Yorkers dislike what has become of the Times Square - the “Disneyfication” as they call it.
The Times Square area was a really bad neighborhood in the 70’s but all has changed when Disney opened a Disney store on Times Square.

It is now a neon nexus and is packed with people day and night. The nights are brighter in Times Square more than anywhere in New York City. The traffic is hectic and if you stop and listen you will hear the constant honking of the numerous taxis along Broadway and 7th Avenue.

Times Square is also the Theater District - There are lots of Theaters on Broadway and you will for sure see their bright billboards.

Where is Times Square: Broadway and 7th Avenue at 42nd Street.

How to get to Times Square: 1,2,3,7,9,N,Q,R,S,W to 42nd St./Times Square
Times Square New York
Times Square, New York

Times Square New York
Times Square
Times Square New York
Times Square, Broadway

Times Square New York
Times Square, New York City

Times Square in New York City

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bongi says:
Time Square is amazing. It is so loud and so bright..there are people everywhere, taxis honking, its the ultimate craziness...