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Teatro alla Scala (La Scala) is one of the greatest venues in the world to see opera. The La Scala is a Neo-classical building opened in 1778 and has one of the largest stages in Europe. All performances end before midnight and ticketholders are not permitted to enter once the performances have started.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the audience members used to chat, gamble, and enter the hall at a time of their convenience. Toscanini dimmed the lights, introduced the orchestra pit, and appeared suddenly when the audience called for an encore.

The La Scala Museum (Museo Teatrale alla Scala) is accessible from the La Scala foyer and contains a huge collection of costumes, paintings, statues and documents about the opera and the La Scala.

Where is the La Scala: Piazza della Scala

How to get to the La Scala: By Metro to Duomo station or Cordusio station

For more information on current events visit the Teatro alla Scala web site.
Teatro alla Scala Milan Italy
Teatro alla Scala, Milan

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