Switzerland cities, attractions and photos

Switzerland or the Swiss Confederation is an alpine country situated in Western Europe. The neighbors of the country are: Austria, Germany, Italy, and Lichtenstein. Switzerland consists of 26 cantons, covering an area of about 41 thousand sq. m. Bern is chosen for the seat of the federal authorities while Geneva is the capital of the federation. Located on the Lake Geneva, the capital holds a population of close to 190 thousand people. The two major economic centers of the country are Zurich and Geneva. Furthermore, Switzerland is the seat of many international organizations such as the World Trade Organization and the Red Cross.

Due to its mountainous location, the country has diverse climatic types: from Mediterranean to Central European. The coldest place is the Brevine Valley which represents a natural cavity, filled with cold air. It is best to visit Switzerland between June and September. Apart from the pleasant weather, many of the adventure sports are offered only during the summer.

In a nutshell, the country stands for reliability, safety, and high standard. Switzerland is famous for its military neutrality, the first and only square national flag, referendums, banking secrecy, top quality chocolate, wrist watches, pharmaceutical products, architecture, and the Dadaist art movement. Switzerland is known for its Nobel Prize laureate Hermann Hesse and numerous recognized authors such as Max Frisch and Friedrich Durrenmatt. Moreover, Switzerland is the home country of the father of modern architecture Le Corbusier. He is the architect of the UN headquarters in the USA and the Notre Dam du Haut Chapel in Ronchamps. Roman architectural buildings can be observed at Avenches. Basel, Bern, and Chur host 13th to 15th century Renaissance buildings. The capital Geneva is a hub of architectural, historical, and cultural sites. Some of the more prominent landmarks are the Palais des Nations, the world’s tallest fountain Jet d`Eau, the famous Herloge fleurie, and the oldest square Place du Bourg-de-Four.

Geneva: Alpine skiing and lake views.