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Plaša d'Espanya: The Gateway to Montjuic Mountain

This busy area in the Sants-Montju´c district of Barcelona has come a long way since the 1700s, when it was the site of public hangings. With the gallows long since gone, architect Josep Amargˇs designed the spacious Plaša dĺEspanya at the foot of Montju´c Mountain for the 1929 World Exhibition. It was designed as a gateway of sorts to Montju´c Mountain and the magnificent Palau Nacional, which is now home to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya that has a splendid Romanesque art collection.

The Fountain - An ornate fountain, the Espa˝a Ofrecida a Dios, dominates the center of the plaza, designed by Josep Maria Jujol, a disciple of Gaudi and known for his wavy benches at the Parc GŘell, and his work on the Casa Batllˇ and the Casa MilÓ. Jujol designed the fountain as a tribute to Spain with a modernism slant, perhaps as a nod to Gaudi. Sculptor Miguel Blay Fabregas designed the lavish fountain sculptures. The fountain is quite a remarkable sight in the evening when it is lit up.

The Towers - Two square, red brick towers, constructed by Ramon Raventˇs, frame the southern end of the plaza at the avenue to the Palau Nacional. The stately towers were based on St. Markĺs bell tower in Venice. Once through the towers, a grand avenue lined with fountains and terraces leads to the stately Palau National. The view from the two towers gazing up towards Montju´c Mountain is spectacular and the subject of many tourist photos.

Parc de Joan Mirˇ - A lovely park named after Barcelonaĺs native son, artist Joan Mirˇ, borders the always-busy Plaša dĺEspanya and offers a welcome respite from the congestion and glaring sun. Leafy palm trees, gardens and the famous surreal Mirˇ sculpture, Woman and Bird are featured. The very tall and very modern sculpture covered with ceramic tiles stands in a serene reflecting pool.

The Bullring - An old bullring, Arenas de Barcelona is another landmark of note in the Plaša dĺEspanya. The red brickwork, MudÚjar style building constructed in 1900, is worth a look while waiting for a bus or train. It is known for hosting a Beatles concert in 1966. The bullring is currently under renovation for development into a shopping area.
Placa d'Espanya Barcelona
Where is Plaša d'Espanya: at the foot of Montju´c Mountain

How to get to Plaša d'Espanya: By Subway to Line 1,3 to Espanya Station

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elizabeth says:
The best is to go there when there's the fireworks.. It was not everyday when I went there last year, so be carefull. I really loved just sitting on the stairs in front of MNAC, looking at people passing by. Food and water are really expensive so try to bring your own!