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If you plan on taking a trip to Oxford you must first know where you want to stay and what type of Oxford accommodations you are interested in. When you do this online you may be able to come across some hotel deals that will absolutely amaze you. It does not matter what part of town you decide to stay in you are sure to be able to find hotels that meet your specific needs while at the same time allowing you to stay within your budget also.

Oxford Airport Hotels
Many travelers like to stay near the terminal when they are just coming into town for a quick visit, usually business related. By staying in one of those options you will make your trip easier by being able to get to your room quicker and after your business is finished you will be able to return to the airport with ease. In fact many of the locations offer a shuttle to make it so you will not even have to rent a car at all; talk about saving money! Some of the places you may want to consider are listed below:
• Holiday Inn
• Travelodge
• The Barcelσ, Oxford Hotel

Oxford Motels
When travelers do not plan on spending a ton of time in Oxford or are working on a cheap budget sometimes they prefer to go with a cheaper alternative. However, the only downfall of staying in a motel is that they are very hard to come across when you are trying to book a stay with one of them. But there are a few available in this wonderful city that is in some of the best tourist locations allowing you to sightsee and walk about with ease. Imagine getting to do a little extra shopping or going to a higher class restaurant because you took the smarter option of spending less on your lodging on more on the things that really matter.

Downtown Oxford Hotels
When many people travel they love to stay in the downtown area of the city. Some say this is because the hotels are nicer while others just like the vibe. If you are interested in staying in one you may want to consider one of the following:
• MacDonald Randolph Hotel
• The Old Bank Hotel
• Royal Oxford Hotel

Budget Oxford Hotels
When you are coming to Oxford and are looking for just a place to lay your head at for the night then you may want to consider a cheaper lodging option other than a motel. A cheaper option can be just as good as a luxurious one. The only difference between the two is one will have more accommodations that the other. But, if you are not going to be doing nothing but sleeping there why waste money on extra amenities that you are not going to use. Instead, consider some of the cheap lodging options listed below:
• The Talbot Inn
• Ascari House Bed and Breakfast
• Days Inn Oxford M40

Oxford Short Term Rentals
When people are going to be in town for a bit but do not plan on staying there permanently they tend to go for another alternative sleeping quarters. This is because they allow you to feel at home when you are away from home at a cheaper rate than a hotel. Also, they will allow you to have more privacy than you would at a hotel. You may not have room service but you will feel more at home and have more privacy as well.