New York City Neighbourhoods and Real Estate

Ah, the city that never sleeps. The prospect of living in New York City is daunting for some and dazzling for others. How can you provide a comprehensive view of New York real estate, and the property market in this megapolis? The answer is, you cannot. Instead, you can rank neighborhoods by property price, population, amenities, and other criteria.

Regarding New York rentals, the average two-bedroom in the quaint, charming neighborhood of Park Slope costs $2,275. This makes it quite affordable, for one. Experts agree that Park Slope is a great place to live because it has a low crime rate, vast green areas, good public schools, and a wide variety of pubs and restaurants. There is also a buoyant business sector and a lot of artists and art galleries.

Another great place to live is the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Compared to other New York neighborhoods, this one has great night life, excellent restaurants and shops, and strangely enough, it is quite affordable. Those who are looking for New York condos can rent a two-bedroom apartment for around $2,300 a month. It has some downsides, of course it is too noisy and most of the buildings are not in good shape.

A typical two-bedroom costs just $1,300 a month in Sunnyside, home to vast diasporas of Armenians, Romanians, Indians, Bangladeshis, and other immigrants. The neighborhood is also safe and quiet, with good schools and less than 20 minutes from Times Square by train. On the downside, it does not have much to offer in the way of night life and entertainment.

The neighborhood of Cobble Hill is relatively cheaper than Brooklyn Heights, which borders it to one side, and is much better connected than Carroll Gardens, bordering it on the other. It offers interesting and diverse shops, good housing, and a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. A condo in this area can cost anywhere between $450,000 and $2,000,000, depending on size and location. For the price of $449,000, you get a condo of 830 sq. feet, which is a good size. A condo like this consists of two bedrooms and one bathroom. Those who are looking for a more spacious place can choose a condo with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The asking price will be close to $2 million, but you get a roof deck, a dishwasher and Viking stove, a subzero fridge, and other amenities.

It is not prestigious to live in Murray Hill, but if you are looking into New York rentals, and rental costs are your prime consideration, this neighborhood is $500 to $1,000 cheaper per month than all those bordering it. It offers good schools, safety and quiet, modern housing, excellent Indian, Korean, and other exotic restaurants, and will soon be well-connected to the eastern part of the city.

A one-bedroom condo on E 3rd St, East Village, downtown NYC with pass-through kitchen, living room, tiled bathroom with a bathtub and shower with many cafes, restaurants, and shops in the vicinity costs $2,225.00 to rent a month. There is an elevator, and pets are accepted.

Finally, New York City has a lot to offer where New York luxury real estate and luxury condos are concerned. A three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo with an approximate area of 700 sq. ft. in the prestigious Upper West Side costs around $3,800,500.00 to buy.

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