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Los Angeles is the largest city in California. When we say L.A. we always think of sun, palm trees, movie stars, of Hollywood and its glamour. Los Angeles has also been described as the city of freeways, cars, globalization, and immigration. Others see the metropolis as a typical example of urban sprawl and environmental degradation. However, Los Angeles has plenty to offer in terms of cultural and historic heritage. The visitor must be prepared that almost no public transport is available. L.A. is a city where the car is the king and the numerous highways and freeways will get you anywhere. Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and Malibu are just some of the sights you have to visit to understand what brings millions of people to this unique city.

Beverly Hills is the home of famous expensive neighborhoods in the Platinum Triangle. Its shopping district Rodeo Drive is a celebrated top designer venue. Moreover, the city hosts the Beverly Hills Film Festival. Griffith Park at the Santa Monica Mountains is one of the largest urban parks in the United States. Malibu in the Los Angeles County is famous for its Zuma Beach and Surfrider Beach. In downtown Los Angeles, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a top range performance venue. The hall hosts the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. Finally, the Getty Museum in the Getty Center displays Middle Age and contemporary works of art.

Los Angeles is a hub of domestic and international art, entertainment venues, business, commerce, and fashion. Los Angeles is the home of many universities and international organizations. A word of caution - some of the neighborhoods in Los Angeles have high crime rates and must be avoided, so stick to the tourist areas. If you're looking for a home to purchase or apartments for rent in Los Angeles it's a good idea to work with a real estate agent whose familiar with the different neighborhoods in LA.

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Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills is the most popular residential area favored....
Downtown L.A.
Downtown L.A. is a diverse neighborhood.
Getty Museum
J. Paul Getty Museum
Griffith Park
Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory
Hollywood walk of fame
Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens
Huntington Botanical Gardens
Malibu is a favorite spot for the rich and famous.
Pasadena is a city in Los Angeles County.
Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive is known for its high end shopping.
Santa Monica
Santa Monica shopping and beach.
University of California Los Angeles
Universal Studios
Universal Studios is a top tourist attraction.
Venice Beach
Venice Beach has a lively boardwalk with colorful crowd.
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Home of Los Angeles Philharmonic

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