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Las Ramblas: Street Performers, Vendors, Cafes and Fun

Las Ramblas is crowded with hordes of tourists and locals, around the clock, participating in the spectacle that is Barcelona. Las Ramblas runs from the start of Placa de Catalunya and ends to the south at Port Vell at the site of the statue of Christopher Columbus. The Boulevard runs through the center of Barcelona, with the neighborhoods of the Gothic Quarter and El Raval to either side.

Las Ramblas, Barcelonaĺs broad pedestrian boulevard, lined with leafy Plane trees, is a fun-filled expanse of colorful and wacky street performers and assorted characters, including musicians and vendors selling everything imaginable from flowers to caged birds. Live statue performers in elaborate costumes line the street entertaining the crowds who will only move after receiving a few coins. Street artists will draw your caricatures for a price that is always open to negotiation.

The Five Sections of Las Ramblas - Las Ramblas is actually an area of five distinct sections, each offering its own special brand of entertainment. Rambla Canaletes features the famous Font de les Canaletes, a small 19th century fountain, where legend has it that those who drink from it will someday return to visit Barcelona. Rambla dels Estudis or dels Ocells, is the section that contains all the squawking and colorful birds for sale. Rambla de Sant Josep or de les Flors is the site of the fragrant flower market, as well as newspaper, book and magazine kiosks.

The popular Boqueria Market is not to be missed, with its fresh meats, cheeses, produce and delicious tapas bars, also located in the de les Flors section. Finally, Rambla dels Caputxins and Rambla de Santa Monica lead you to the seaport and the new harbor upgraded for the 1992 Olympics. Take your time strolling this colorful walkway that offers excellent people watching and a taste of what makes Barcelona truly unique.
Las Ramblas Barcelona
How to get to Las Ramblas: By subway to Drassanes on Line 3 or Catalunya on Line 1,3

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sandra says:
i walked on this street and it is very alive, with its many kiosks selling books and magazines but also stands selling flowers, animals... it is very funny to see all that... also the human statues and some street performers, the great thing was to make a stop at Boqueria, a great market, the bad thing is that there are a lot of thieves, thanks to my friends, we avoided that someone robbed me, i found also this page written by a local guy to plan my holiday, i think it is a good complementary with this one