Hungary cities, attractions and photos

The Republic of Hungary is situated on the Carpathian Basin in Central Europe. The neighbors of the country are: Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Ukraine. The population consists of Magyar, Roma, and other smaller ethnic minorities such as Germans, Slovaks, and Romanians. The capital, Budapest, is located in Central Hungary and hosts a population of about 1.7 million people. Other large cities are Debrecen, Miskolc, and Szeged.

Hungary has a continental climate with hot and low humid summer seasons and dry and snowy winters. Visitors typically arrive during the autumn season, when the longer daytime hours are filled with plenty of sunshine. Budapest is an intriguing place during all seasons, but the other parts of Hungary have less to offer to the tourists. In general, the weather becomes agreeable only during the late spring. The country is famous for the Balaton Lake, high quality wines, the sociable citizens, fine Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and renowned writers such as Imre Kertesz, Peter Esterhazy, and the Nobel Prize winner Peter Nadas.

The churches at Jak and Lebeny represent exquisite examples of Romanesque architecture. The churches in Nyirbator and Sopron stand among the masterpieces of the Gothic architectural style. Renaissance stonework can be observed at the Bakocz Chapel to the Esztergom Basilica and the Royal Palace in Visegrad. The Baroque architectural style dominates the cityscape of Hungary. The Esterhazy Palace in Fertod and the Minorite Church in Egar are grandiose Baroque buildings. The masterpieces of the great 18th century artist Anton Maulbertsch can be seen at the Ascension Church at Sumeg. The countryside offers a glimpse to the rich folk traditions of Hungary. The Sarkoz region, for instance, is a major centre for cottage weaving. Naturally, the capital offers plenty of cultural, historic, and architectural landmarks. Visitors will enjoy the Neoclassical State Opera House, the Parliament House, built in the Gothic Revival style, the Buda Castle of King Bela IV, and many other famous sites.

Budapest: Beautiful architecture on Danube River.