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The country of Egypt is located in North Africa and is renowned for its ancient civilization. Egypt extends to an area of about 390,000 sq mi. In its northern part lies the Mediterranean Sea, and to the east is the Red Sea. Sudan lies to the south and Libya is on the west. The major cities in Egypt are full of ancient artifacts showcasing the nation’s ancient civilization. Some of the world's most famous monuments including the Giza pyramid complex and the Great Sphinx are located in Egypt.

Climate - Egypt receives scanty rainfall throughout the year. Winter months are the only times when Egypt receives some amount of rainfall. Temperatures hover between 27-32C in major parts of Egypt in summer. However along the Red Coast, summer temperatures can reach 43 degrees centigrade. Winter temperatures range between 13-21C. The country experiences consistent harvest all the year round due to flooding of Nile River.

Brief History - The rock carvings to be found on the Nile terraces and desert oases bear testimony to the fact that some hunter – gatherers and fishers came in the 10th millennium BC. Certain climatic changes resulted in desiccation of the Egyptian pastoral lands at around 8000 BC resulting in the formation of the Sahara. The tribal people moved towards the Nile River to form an agricultural settlement. During 6000 BC, the Nile Valley became rooted in the Neolithic culture. During this era, lot of dynastic cultures came to develop in both Upper and Lower Egypt.

Tourist attractions

Cairo: Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and the largest city of the African continent. Cairo is the home to the Sphinx, Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and has the terrific bazaars for exotic souvenirs.
Luxor: It is popularly known as the largest “open air museum”. This city had been constructed close to the site of ancient Thebes. Tourists may visit the Luxor Temple, Mummification Museum, and temples of Karnak. Tutankhamun’s tomb located in The Valley of the Kings, Queen Nefertari’s tomb on The Valley of the Queens, and the Colossi of Memnon are all important historical attractions.
Alexandria: Travelers can visit Fort Qaitbey which is a home of the naval museum. A visit to Attarine Souk is also recommended where you can find numerous tiny boutiques and antique shops. The Graeco-Roman Museum has interesting artifacts depicting the Egyptian encounter with the culture of Greece during the Roman and the Hellenistic periods. Other places to visit in Alexandria include Al-Montazah Palace and Kom el-Shuqafa (catacombs).
Hurghada: This is a beach destination ideal for divers and windsurfers.
Abu Simbel: This is one of the most well known monuments of Egypt located near the border.

Egypt, with so much to offer, makes for a wonderful vacation destination.