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Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore is the symbol of Florence and its most popular landmark. Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore has a remarkable dome designed and built by Filippo Brunelleschi and a distinguishable exterior decorated with white, green and pink Tuscan marble. The dome was finished in 1463 built without scaffolding and offer spectacular views over the city of Florence. The red tiles covering the roof of the dome are positioned in a self-supporting pattern copied by Brunelleschi from the Pantheon in Rome. The dome of the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore was the first octagonal dome to be built without wooden support frame. Inside, the dome is decorated with frescoes from the Last Judgment by Vasari.

The Bell Tower (Campanile) was designed by Giotto and is decorated with beautiful reliefs with gothic windows and is 85 meters high (276 ft). The Campanile was finally finished in 1349. The neo-gothic façade was the collective work of several artists. In 1871 Emilio De Fabris won a competition for remodeling the façade and created the new façade dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Inside the basilica has bare Gothic interior which contrasts with the colorful marble pavement. The Duomo has several chapels with roofs resembling the dome.

The octagonal Baptistry (Battistero di San Giovanni) is famous for its bronze doors created by Lorenzo Ghilberti who was commissioned in 1401. He created the North doors and in 1424 was commissioned to create the famous East Doors of the Baptistry. The “Gate of Paradise” has 10 panels with reliefs of different biblical scenes. The originals are kept in Museo dell’Opers del Duomo and the one on the Baptisry doors are copies. The bronze panels are remarkable works of art showing Ghilberti’s knowledge and skill of creating perspective and individuality of the figures. They are considered as the first works of the Renaissance art. All the 10 scenes including Joseph sold into Slavery, Abraham and the Sacrifice of Isaac and Adam and Eve Expelled from Eden are incredible pieces of art.

The amazing Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore is still the tallest building in Florence.
Duomo Florence

Where is the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore: Piazza del Duomo

How to get to Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore: By bus route 1,6,14,17,23

Opening hours: The Cathedral - Moday to Saturday – 10AM to 5PM, Sunday – 1:30PM to 4:45 PM

The Dome - Moday to Saturday – 8:30AM to 7PM

Baptistry Florence
Baptistry Doors Duomo Florence
The Baptistry Doors by Lorenzo Ghilberti, Florence
Duomo Florence
Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence

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