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Casa Milà (La Pedrera): Gaudi’s Surreal Take on an Apartment Building

The Casa Milà commonly referred to by locals, as La Pedrera, meaning quarry, because of its stone cliff-like appearance, is Antoni Gaudi’s vision of an urban apartment building. Taking up an entire city block in the fashionable Eixample district, with its pale wavy limestone facade and free form, wrought-iron balconies, the Casa Mila is one of the most visited Gaudi buildings after the Sagrada Familia.

This ode to organic, expressionistic architecture was completed in 1910 and doesn’t contain a single straight line. Ahead of his time, Gaudi designed the Casa Mila without weight bearing walls and instead used steel, arches and pillars in irregular shapes to form the circular design. The wavy design looks like a living, organic structure that embodies movement and continuity.

Is it an Ocean? Is it a Cave? No, it’s the Casa Milà - Although Gaudi’s unique creation is now a cherished Barcelona landmark, local residents expressed horror and ridicule when it was first built. Residents of the time disliked the undulating wave-like facade, with its outlandishly shaped balconies designed by Josep Maria Jujol resembling mounds of seaweed. They couldn’t decide if the design was based on ocean waves, mountains, or gypsy caves. Residents described the imposing character-like chimneys on the roof as “witch-scarers.”

Rooftop Chimney Terrace and Attic - Perhaps, the most delightful feature of the Casa Mila is the Rooftop Chimney Terrace with its surreal assortment of molded and sculpted chimneys in various sizes and configurations that are said to resemble warriors wearing helmets or veiled women. Visitors can go to the rooftop for a drink during the summer months and enjoy a stunning view of the Eixample district and the nearby Sagrada Familia.

A top floor apartment decorated with early 20th century furnishings is also available for viewing giving visitors a real sense of the circular shapes of the rooms. All of the apartments overlook two courtyards designed by Gaudi to allow sunlight into the living spaces. The attic features an exhibit of Gaudi’s many creations complete with scale models.
Casa Mila Barcelona
Where is Casa Milà: 92 Passeig de Gracia (Passeig de Gracia and Calle de Provenca)

How to get to Casa Milà: By Subway – Line 3,5 –Diagonal Station

Opening Hours: Daily from 9:00AM to 8:00 PM – winter months to 6:30 PM

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