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The official name of the Bahamas is Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Bahamas is a self governing country that has 29 islands, 2387 rocks, and 661 cays within its entire territory. The natives here are mainly English-speaking people. Bahamas is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, to the southeastern part of USA. It is located north of Cuba, Hispaniola, and Caribbean Sea. Bahamas and occupies an area of 14,000 sq km. Nassau is the capital of Bahamas.

Brief history - The first settlement in this area happened during the 7th century AD by the Taino group of seafarers. These people later were called the Lucayans. According to one theory Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 in San Salvador Island in the southeastern part of Bahamas. Another theory says that Columbus actually landed for the first time in Samana Cay. Whatever it is, the fact remains that Columbus contacted the Lucayans and even went about exchanging goods with those people.

During the period of proprietary rule in 1670, the Bahamas became notoriously famous for pirates. In order to restore normalcy, Bahamas was taken under the control of the British colonies in 1718. Bahamas became a fully independent nation in 1973 even though it retained its membership of the Commonwealth of Nations. The economy of Bahamas is based on tourism and offshore finance.

Climate - Bahamas has a climate that normally ranges from tropical to subtropical. A moderate winter is the result of the presence of the waters of the Gulf Stream. However dangerous hurricanes are known to frequently pass through Bahamas.

Top attractions - The areas frequented greatly by tourists coming down to Bahamas include Grand Bahama, Paradise Island, Nassau, and New Providence Island. Some of the Bahamas attractions include:

Paradise Island Outdoor Aquarium: The Atlantis resort in Paradise Island is home to 200 marine species like sharks, jelly fishes, green eels, and lobsters to name a few.
Cabbage beach and Paradise beach: These are two wonderful beaches on Paradise Island. The Grand Bahama Island too has lovely beaches, namely Xanadu beach and Lucaya beach. All the beaches are lined with world class resorts for the comfort of the tourists.
Lucayan National Park and caves in Grand Bahama Island: Tourists can explore the caves to find stalactites and stalagmites. They can enjoy a walking trail through the Lucayan National Park.
Andros Island: This is one of the world’s largest barrier reefs sparkling with extended areas of coral formations. This is an ideal place for tourists interested in snorkeling and diving.
Blue Lagoon Island, Nassau: Close dolphin encounters can be experienced at this island. The place is situated at a distance of just three miles from Nassau.

All these attractions in Bahamas draw tourists every year from all corners of the world.

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas
Atlantis resort, Paradise Island, Bahamas