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Madrid’s modern financial center referred to as the AZCA, is located north of the city along Paseo de la Castellana, teeming with soaring modern skyscrapers that define Madrid’s skyline. Developed in the 1970s, the AZCA district reflects Madrid’s modern resurgence and its role as the capital city of Spain.

AZCA Skyscrapers - The AZCA district has several notable skyscrapers that exemplify this modern, bustling business center. The Torre Picasso, designed by architect Minoru Yamasaki at 157 meters high, is the tallest of the bunch. Yamasaki also designed the destroyed World Trade Center towers in New York.

When it was constructed in 1989, it was also the tallest building in Spain. Several buildings in Madrid have since surpassed the Torre Picasso in height, most recently, the Torre Caja Madrid at 250 meters high. The Torre Picasso façade, of aluminum and glass features a distinctive, wide entry arch. Its bright white lights illuminate Madrid’s evening skyline.

Other skyscrapers of note include, the Banco de Bilbao tower designed by architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza in 1980 at 107 meters high and the Torre Europa designed by Saenz de Oiza at 121 meters high. A car bomb damaged the façade of the Torre Europa in 2002 and injured dozens of people.

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium - The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, located in the center of the AZCA district, is a world-renowned football stadium and the home of Spain’s successful football team Real Madrid. The stadium was originally built in 1947 and has since undergone several improvements and additions, to offer a state of the art stadium, which seats 80,000 rabid Spaniard football fans.

The Bernabéu Stadium served as the site of the European Cup finals in the years, 1957, 1969 and 1980 and was recently chosen again to host the wildly popular games for 2010. Public tours of the stadium are available to the truly devoted fans, called madridistas, for a few euros. Fans of the Real Madrid can visit the trophy room, the Presidential Balcony, walk across the playing field and enter the players' tunnel for an up close and personal view of this famous stadium.

Where is AZCA: Paseo de la Castellana

How to get to AZCA: By Subway to Nuevos Ministerios and Santiago Bernabéu stations, Line 6,10

Torre Europa and Torre Picasso AZCA Madrid

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