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Architects Lopez Knoll, Arregui, Paschal Bravo and Jose Ortells, built the Arco de la Victoria or Victory Arch, located outside of Madrid in the university district at the Plaza de la Moncloa, in 1956. The arch was commissioned by the notorious dictator, Francisco Franco as a monument to the victory of his Nationalist army during the Spanish Civil War. Madrileños prefer to call it Puerta de Moncloa, perhaps to erase the memory of Franco’s terror.

Whatever it’s called, the 39 meters high arch remains a distinctive historical landmark of Madrid. Franco frequently traveled through the arch from his headquarters, the El Pardo Palace. The top of the arch features an elaborate statue of a four-horse chariot. It’s adorned with the Latin inscription, “Anno MCMXXXVII” meaning the Year 1937, which Franco considered a victorious year for his Nationalist forces.

Faro de Moncloa, Nearby Observation Tower - The nearby observation tower, Faro de Moncloa or Light of Moncloa is worth a visit to the top for its stunning views of Madrid and the distant Guadarrama Mountain range. Architect Salvador Perez Arroyo built the futuristic, 92 meters high Faro de Moncloa in 1992. For a small admission fee, visitors can take an elevator to the top observation deck for a panoramic view that is not to be missed, especially during an always remarkable, Castilian sunset.

During the warmer months, the Plaza de la Moncloa, bustling with university students and wandering tourists, is a pleasant spot to lunch at an outdoor café. The popular city park, Parque Del Oeste is also within walking distance from the Arco de la Victoria and serves as a starting point to view the many park attractions.

Where is Arco de la Victoria: Av del Arco de la Victoria

How to get to Arco de la Victoria: By Subway to Moncloa station

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